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Serious Money In This Business

Bryan F. Upstate NY Success

Bryan has secured a contract with a family owned and operated chain of convenience stores and gas stations in New York and Vermont with 400 locations. They had a concern with slips and falls. Who would they go to for help?

Brian Gets The Account

A so-called competitor treated 3 stores originally but failed miserably. Convenience Store Rep: “The product just doesn’t work”. Sure Step Nonslip Distributor Bryan F. did a demonstration and got the contract imediately for all 400 locations. Bryan has alrady treated 70 locations in Upstate NY – 330 more to go! Bryan said: “I am clearing $750 per store. So I have gotten my ROI twice on that job alone”. “I am charging $2000 to treat an entire house as well”.

Bryan will clear approximately $125,000 on that one account. 


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A Great Business Opportunity With A Proven Business Model