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Money For The Taking

range rover sure step

Here at Sure Step Nonslip we always encourage regular communication and updates with our distributors. I just got off the phone with one of our Distributor Danny Provinzino. 

Danny just left a Condo Complex a $15,000 dollar job, a 12 floor Condo Complex. Danny just got 2 text’s in the past 24 hours of repeat jobs also from Condo Complex’s both of them. One is for $7000.—and the other for $12,000 another Condo Complex.

anti slip treatment naples

Danny told me this am that he makes well into the 6 figures with Sure Step and our anti-slip system, 100,000’s just doing retreats !!! He rarely does new business anymore!

He also said “I enjoy every mile of taking my Sure Step Nonslip business from 1 location to another in my over $100,000 Range Rover and laughing all the way

Remember there is only 30,000 population in Naples Florida where Danny flourishes with business.


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