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James Bond Slips & Falls

James Bond’ Filming Delayed After Daniel Craig Injures Ankle On Set

The production of the next James Bond film can’t seem to catch a break. The 25th Bond film has hit another snag after star Daniel Craig injured his ankle while filming an action sequences for the film. The Sun reports the 51-year-old slipped and fell while running in the scene, and was flown to the U.S. to undergo X-rays. Filming scheduled this weekend in London has reportedly been cancelled, though it is not believed the delay in production will affect the film’s release date. “Bond 25” is currently set for release April 8, 2020.

From the first scenes of Jamaica shooting on the new mission 007, the best agent of his merciful majesty, turned his ankle into a sprint. The director must immediately postpone all the recordings.

This is not James Bond’s parody title, but the sad reality facing Kerry Fukunaga, director of the 25th official cinema mission of the hero created by Jan Fleming. During the shootings of the first scenes of his new and last mission, the British actor in a suit made a sprint. Visibly suffering much after the fall, the comedian, according to the Sun, rejected the jacket of rage, cursing the evil spell she overcame.

This is not the first time Daniel Craig has been the victim of such an accident. The actor, who, like Jean-Paul Belmondo or Tom Cruise, is honored to want to perform his acrobatics alone, was wounded almost systematically during his adventures Bondenennes. Since shooting at Casino Royal, in 2005, Daniel Craig received a violent blow to his face. The actor moves away with two broken teeth and several trips back and forth to the dentist.

The lines of physical glitches continue Quantum of comfort in 2008. Here the secret agent accumulates the wounds: tear muscles on the shoulders, cracked ribs and finger. A true remake of Danger is yours… Shooting spectrum, released in 2015, will turn into a kind of hypnotism apotheosis. The recording had to be interrupted for two weeks – an inconclusive price for Eon Production – after the careless knee of MI6 injured his knee in a fight with a bad guy.

After the unexpected release of Danny Boyle and his replacement in the extreme by director Kerry Fukunaga, this new shooting crash is certainly a new blow to the sag producers. But this unlucky event can have virtue: to give Barbara Broccoli time to think about the title of James Bond’s 25th name, which is still missing. Given the events, now we can propose two: They live and let them run or again Paths are eternal