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We are the #1 Non-Slip, Anti-Slip  service provider and business opportunity in this entire industry. We have distributors in over 90 countries. Unlike our so-called competitor’s products (made in China) We actually manufacture our products in our facility. They have literally ‘word-for-word’ copied and pasted our business model but they have left out three of the most important elements that protect YOU and contribute to your success. 

1. We give you a protected territory. (Our competitor will sell their product online to your next door neighbor)

2. Unlike them, we provide exclusive personal hands-on training, one-on-one in your protected territory generating a quick ROI. (Our competitor makes you fly to Texas to sit in a board room and hear them talk about how great they are)

3. We do NOT sell our product to anyone but YOU the distributor. We provide enough product and material to make over $124,000 on your investment before you spend one more penny. (Our competitor only boasts a $40,000 return on investment @ 2.00 per sq ft. Sadly, a gallon of their product only covers 400 sf ft.) OUCH! 1 gallon of Sure Step covers 1,600 sq ft.

Our training is designed to help you make an immediate return on your investment by targeting business in your territory. We have  the success stories, training evaluations, testimonials, and invoices to prove it.

What Is The Difference Between Competitors & Sure Step NonSlip?

Don’t be fooled! So-called competitors and others are copycat franchise opportunity companies. Please do the research and call us. 1-888-517-8899. We would absolutely love to tell you all about them and their failed buyers. We are a transparent company registered with the FTC and accredited with the BBB, EPA, USDA, CFIA, Chamber Of Commerce in the USA and Canada. We have all of the documentation, numbers, and proof. You get what you pay for.


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