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The CDC National Estimate of the top 10 leading causes of nonfatal injuries is an eye-opener. The statistics will shock you! Slip and Fall accidents are a global problem that plague every society and every age group throughout the world. There are almost 18 million serious slip, trip, and fall accidents that result in hospital visits annually. This report covers all age groups from 1 year through 65 and older. Keep in mind, these are just the serious slip and fall accidents that are reported. We receive numerous calls regarding serious slip and fall accidents where an individual slipped and fell and never reoprted it but is seeking a solution from one of our distributors. It is so sad when someone calls us begging for a nonslip solution that works after having the frustrating and costly experience of purchasing inferior nonslip products from online providers. We are so pleased to direct them to a local Sure Step distributor who can provide the needed solution. There are few feelings better than providing a service to your community and helping to save people’s lives by preventing slip and fall accidents. We need more distributors. This is a great business opportunitiy with a tremendous demand and we simply can’t keep up. Be your own boss, work from home, and make a difference! Learn how you can become a distributor for Sure Step Nonslip

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