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Chamber of Commerce 2019

Sure Step Nonslip/Interlake Chemicals was awarded another certificate of recognition by the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce for good standing and setting an excellent example as a business while conducting great business practices. The certificate reflect the highest standard “A” any business can achieve. Sure Step has been providing business opportunities throughout the world with their […]

Serious Money In This Business

Bryan F. Upstate NY Success Bryan has secured a contract with a family owned and operated chain of convenience stores and gas stations in New York and Vermont with 400 locations. They had a concern with slips and falls. Who would they go to for help? Brian Gets The Account A so-called competitor treated 3 […]


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Sure Step Nonslip has been accredited with the BBB in the US and Canada for over 14 years! We not only have the accreditation but we also have a letter of acknowledgement from the BBB attesting that we are the reliable and trustworthy choice  for a business opportunity. A company offering this type of business […]

Money For The Taking

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Here at Sure Step Nonslip we always encourage regular communication and updates with our distributors. I just got off the phone with one of our Distributor Danny Provinzino.  Danny just left a Condo Complex a $15,000 dollar job, a 12 floor Condo Complex. Danny just got 2 text’s in the past 24 hours of repeat jobs […]

Sure Step Business Success Jennifer | Helen

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Here is a brief experience that should matter to you. Jennifer D. and Helen B. recently went into business for themselves and became Sure Step Distributors. Their Company is Slip Safe Floors. Last weekend they treated 272 showers and bath tubs at an average of $35 per. That is approx.. $9520.Not bad for 2 days work. […]

Meet Joe V. Distributor Success Story

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The Joe Vandenburg Story Joe V. just recently became a Sure Step Distributor in March of 2018 and was trained exclusively for three full days in his home town in Montana beginning April 1st.  What Was The Result? 500 Bathtubs @ $100 Each!  Joe Vandernburg just called to say he landed 500 tubs at $100 […]

Sure Step Nonslip 2018 FDD

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Every year Sure Step Nonslip get’s their new Federal Disclosure Document and report with the Federal Trade Commission. Our commitment to our distributors and perspective distributors is extremely important. We want you to choose a business opportunity that is trustworthy, has the greatest potential for growth, and is backed by the agency that regulate fair […]