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Rimkus Evaluation

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. evaluates marble tile treated with Sure Step Nonslip. Dear Mr. Williams: Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. was retained to evaluate and compare the treated and untreated surfaces of a marble tile. The surface was treated with Sure Step Nonslip Safety Floor and Tub Treatment. This report was reviewed by Dirk E. Smith, […]

Chamber of Commerce 2019

Sure Step Nonslip/Interlake Chemicals was awarded another certificate of recognition by the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce for good standing and setting an excellent example as a business while conducting great business practices. The certificate reflect the highest standard “A” any business can achieve. Sure Step has been providing business opportunities throughout the world with their […]


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Sure Step Nonslip has been accredited with the BBB in the US and Canada for over 14 years! We not only have the accreditation but we also have a letter of acknowledgement from the BBB attesting that we are the reliable and trustworthy choice  for a business opportunity. A company offering this type of business […]

Sure Step Nonslip 2018 FDD

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Every year Sure Step Nonslip get’s their new Federal Disclosure Document and report with the Federal Trade Commission. Our commitment to our distributors and perspective distributors is extremely important. We want you to choose a business opportunity that is trustworthy, has the greatest potential for growth, and is backed by the agency that regulate fair […]


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As President of Regan Scientific Instruments and manufacturer of the BOT 3000E tribometer, Peter Ermish endorsed the Sure Step team! RSI recognized Sure Step Nonslip with a highly coveted letter of endorsement. RSI appreciated our successful initiative to educate the public about the prevention of slip and fall accidents. At Sure Step Nonslip our desire […]


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Sure Step is the only company in this industry within the United States, that is legally registered with the FTC to be able to sell this type of business opportunity with non-slip, anti-slip treatments. In addition, we are the only company in this industry that is accredited with the BBB in the US and Canada. This […]


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Sure Step Nonslip has their new Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce Letter of Approval for 2018. Since 2004 we have been in great standing with the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce and have demonstrated excellent business practices and integrity as a business opportunity provider in Manitoba and throughout the world with distributors in 90 countries. Contact us […]