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We have joined forces to create the most innovative anti-slip prevention program in the world. Sure Step NonSlip offers the BOT-3000E with the patented “ADVANCE” floor auditing software developed by Safe Space Ingenuity to give our distributors the ability to offer 3rd party unbiased surface slip-testing. 

Auditing For Law Firms

Check your local google listing and see how many law firms spend money advertising to represent victims in slip & fall accidents. As a floor safety auditor with the BOT-3000E you are the only person that can provide clear solid evidence of negligence in a court of law.

Auditing For Insurance

Insurance companies are always dealing with slip & fall claims. Slips, trips, and falls are the #1 cause for injury in the work place. As a floor safety auditor with the BOT-3000E you are the specialist that can provide Insurances companies with a detailed report to determine liability.

Average Cost to Businesses for Safety Audit

The average cost for a floor safety audit is $1,000 per audit. Our distributors can make a a return-on-investment (ROI) in just six audits. This is a great added source of revenue providing revenue stream from businesses wanting to get their floors audited annually/semi-annually, law firms, insurance agencies, and more.

  • Sell more Sure Step! A vast majority of our customer base and those who make decisions (Safety directors / facility engineers, etc.) are educated on Dynamic Coefficient of Friction and require the testing in order to use our remediation services.
  • Ability to charge for floor auditing. (quarterly or semi-annual slip meter testing) Currently charging $800 for small area. $1000 for a medium are and $1200 for a large area. (Approximately 6 testings and your cost is recouped) + Residually income for continued annual or semi annual auditing.
  • Gives your company the credibility as a safety company, Not just a floor treatment company. The BOT3000E allows you to give safety reports that are patented and recognized in very court of law in the US and Canada and provide your customers with ongoing support.
  • Profit by having the ability to do floor audits for Attorneys with slip and fall cases and businesses with slip and fall issues to use in a court of law. Even for customers that don't require a Sure Step treatment.
  • As a Sure Step Distributor with a BOT3000E you could become a field agent (once qualified) for SSI-Safe Space Ingenuity. This brings in income for auditing jobs forwarded from SSI in your state.

Total cost of distributorship will be $32,745 USD with Advanced BOT3000E w/Certified walkway Auditing software and support – Safe Space Ingenuity