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My name is Franklyn Sigurdur, and I am the owner of the Sure Step parent company, Interlake Chemicals. First and foremost, I am a professional chemical developer and I have been doing it successfully for more than 30 years. The reason this is important is because the success of Sure Step is based on sound engineering principals. I understand them and so can you. The product works. It has been proven scientifically and it can be demonstrated practically.

The success of our Distributorship Program is built upon this irrefutable cornerstone.
As you read on and learn more about Sure Step, I think you will agree on these key points:

  •  The product does what it says it will.
  •  It is easy to demonstrate the benefit of our product.
  • The demand for this product is limitless.
  •  It meets this demand affordably.

Sure Step is the kind of business that anyone can understand and recommend. Your drive to succeed and the fact you are speaking with our Marketing team, proves you may have the initiative and desire to secure your financial future.
Read through the materials carefully. I know you will find a Sure Step Distributorship — with its huge target market and earning potential — to be one of the most reliable, profitable and easily verified businesses you will ever encounter.


Interlake Chemicals

Our Vision

Creating a global network of distributors that promotes awareness of slip and fall risks and prevention. A closely connected network of distributors (business owners) that provide a global service which prevents slips and falls, reduces insurance premiums, and creates safer environments.

sure step daltile vendor

Our Mission

To provide YOU with an opportunity to become a business owner and create something great for your family and future! As a Sure Step Non-Slip business owner you will be making the world a safer place one step at a time. You will be helping to eliminate the #1 cause for injury in the workplace and the 2nd leading cause of accidental deaths behind only auto accidents.


"Interlake/Sure Step has been our supplier for several years. Their products have been very effective in resolving our problems and meeting all our needs."
The Seagram Company Ltd.
Diageo – International Company
"Our bathtubs always had bathmats until we were introduced to SURE STEP Non-Slip. Now all our bathtubs are treated with your remarkable product. "
Hyatt Hotel

Our Process

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