Our Competitors Are Obsolete

January 24th, 2018

"ANSI A326.3 Test Method for measuring dynamic coefficient of friction. (which is tested using a BOT-3000E) supplanted the previous static test method. The latter is unable to measure resistance when people are in motion, which is a relevant measurement in slip and fall prevention since individuals are technically moving when they lose their balance.
Therefore the static method for testing is obsolete. That standard and the device used to measure it is irrelevant. Only the BOT-3000E can measure new Industry standards. Slipdoctors are giving you a typewriter in the age of the most advanced computers and Ipads. Sure Step keeps up with the times and new standards. We provide our Distributors with state of the art technology. We are the only company in this industry that uses Safe Space Ingenuity patented floor-auditing software designed for the BOT-3000E and recognized in a court of law throughout North America.

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ANSI nonslip sample report BOT3000 Sure Step